Wednesday, October 8, 2008

N.U.H.A bila..........First-Aid Kit

First-Aid Kit - a must in your home
Keep these items together in a handy location; you may never know when you will need them.

• Thermometer - x der
• Rubbing alcohol -x der
• Cotton balls and swabs - ada
• Ear- buds -ada
• Baby wipes -ada
• Diaper rash cream-ada
• Medication to reduce pain and relieve fever (follow your pediatrician's recommendation) -ada
• Cool mist humidifier -x der
• Dropper or oral syringe to measure accurately any liquid medication -x der
• Electrolyte solution(baby formula) if baby develops diarrhea (follow your pediatrician's recommendation) -x der
• Nasal aspirator for clearing nasal congestion -ada

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  1. Tiara beli thermometer kat watson Rm 12 tp usefull leh pakai seisi keluarga termasuk baby kita


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